Hello! My name is Mandi, I am a 30 year old full time Wedding Photographer based in Southern California. I am very lucky to have gotten into photography at a young age and shot my first wedding in 2011. When I got into weddings, I finally felt like I could see an enjoyable career ahead. Eight years later, I am loving what I get to do for a living and each wedding season truly does get better and better.

I enjoy heartfelt weddings & with all of the craziness a wedding day can bring, it’s important to me to work with couples who want to keep focused on what is really important.


Everyone wants their wedding to run smoothly while also being beautiful, organic and fun. I am a planner by nature, I invest a lot of time into preparation for each photography timeline. This allows for you to feel more relaxed once the day arrives, soak up every little moment together & have fun!

Let the vendors handle the rest, as planned.

Ultimately this will give you beautiful & natural wedding images + a gallery filled with even more loving and fun moments!


I am as homebody as homebody can get. Camping is one of the few reasons I will happily leave my house, and even then, I’m pretty particular about my tent. I have an extreme amount of house plants & no shame in saying a perfect day off is spent oiling and watering them. We love to cook, and by we, I mean Frankie.


I adore all animals, they have always pulled on my heart strings. I have two Schnauzers, Sherman & Lemon and most recently acquired little Tortuga the turtle. Eventually we would love to give a loving home to some chickens, goats and if I have my way, a pig or two.